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Heavy Duty Digital Safe Box (60cm x 38cm x 33cm)

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Heavy Duty Digital Safe Box (60cm x 38cm x 33cm)

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Bringing you the bigger, heavier, baddest monster safe! Now more of your treasures get the protection and security brought to you by ONNAIS.

Experience luxury with security! This bigger, badder model features 5 layers of sophisticated metal to stand against theft! The upgraded version also features FOUR thicker - 32mm - lock bar for that added security.

The LED display not only tells date and time, but is also able to display the records of when the safe has been open. Now, that's one very secure way to know only you are accessing the electronic safe deposit box! SOLID metal with softly lined 3D cushioned shelves, ensuring the ultimate protection and care for your precious items. So, go ahead and store your camera, money, gold bars, personal items, confidential documents, jewels - ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!

For added security, you can will be requested to set two sets of passwords. So, if you are sharing the safe, rest assured that each entry will clearly state which password is used to open the safe and at which specific date and time! Awesome sign-in log! All uninvited attempts will be faced with LOUD ALARM at 120dB! Definitely, scaring off any thief! You can also set the alarm to go off at any violent shakes or tilts so no thief can attempt to grab and go with your safe!

This electronic safe also features adjustable shelves and LED lighting inside the safe.


Dimensions: 600 x 380 x 330mm (H x L x W - outer), 570 x 370 x 270mm (H x L x W - inner)
Material: 5 layers of solid low carbon alloy steel
Weight: Approx. 26kg
Opening method: Keys & Password/Password + Turning of knob
Display: Digital with password protected view
Tracks safe opening records: Yes
Opening of safe box: 90 degrees
Gaps when safe is closed: <0.5mm
Alarm system: Yes (activates when password is wrong/forced opening)
Shelves: Lined with soft felt and are adjustable
LED Light: Yes
Wall-mountable: Yes
Package: 1 electronic safe with 2 main keys, 2 secondary keys, 2 screws, batteries, battery pack and instruction manual