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Digital Safe Box (Small)


Digital Safe Box (Small)

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Keep your precious items safe! Be it at home or in the office, this steel strong and theft proof safe box will provide the security you need! Featuring 2 ways to unlock the safe - with the key provided or electronically with password. The electronic safe deposit box comes with batteries required for operation. The safe box also comes with a note/coin slot for convenient storing of money without having to open up your safe - risking others seeing your password/contents in your safe! The 2 steel bars locks up your safe with the solid steel door. For extra-extra security, it also comes with 2 screw holes (provided) at the back and bottom of the safe box - mount it on the wall or table!

Dimensions: 168 x 170 x 228mm (H x W x L - outer), 164 x 166 x 222mm (H x W x L - inner)
Material: Solid steel
Opening method: Key or Password + Turning of knob
Opening of safe box: 90 degrees
Weight: Approx 2.5kg
Package: Comes protected in styrofoam, in a box - includes, 2 screws, batteries, 2 keys and instruction manual
Colour: Black