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Boltless Rack (120cm x 50cm x 200cm)


Boltless Rack (120cm x 50cm x 200cm)

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Time to organise!

Grab this sturdy, heavy duty storeroom rack / shelf and get your things in place! Slim yet able to hold large capacity. This rack or shelf is suited for you who needs to organise your storeroom, your kitchen, your stocks in the office, stocks in your shop / warehouse!

This architecturally designed rack / shelf is reinforced in all ways possible to provide safe, and secure support for your items - WITHOUT ANY BOLTS! It's easy and straight forward to assemble! No fuss at all! Just hook them up as directed!


Weight capacity: Up to 100kg per shelf - 400kg total
Measurements: 120cm x 50cm x 200cm (L x W x H)
Thickness of Shelves: 0.38cm
Colour: Blue
Material: Cold-rolled steel
Package: 4 layers shelf